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Recognized by the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Head-line His Own Concert Tour,” Ethan Bortnick has been performing around the world, raising over $50,000,000 for charities across the globe.

When he was just three years old, the Hollywood, Florida native asked his parents for piano lessons and discovered an uncanny ability to hear a song once and play it back note for note – the musical equivalent of a photographic memory. He soaked up the music of such diverse artists and composers as Beethoven, Mozart, jazz pianist Bill Evans, Little Richard, Billy Joel and Elton John, and began creating original compositions at age five. A few years later, Ethan began making television appearances and touring, connecting with audiences in countries such as Japan, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

Ethan has not only moved audiences throughout the world as a captivating musician, but he is also a driven humanitarian, dedicated to combining his musical pursuits with his charity work. When Ethan was five, his younger brother had three heart surgeries and that emotional time inspired him to use his musical talents to benefit charity.

I remember going to the Children’s Hospital and seeing a lot of sick children. I learned that some of these kids could not afford surgery so the hospital raised money for them. It made me want to help these kids,” Ethan explained.

Since then, Ethan has helped raise over $50,000,000 for nonprofits around the world. At these charity events, he’s shared the stage with artists such as Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Beyoncé, Josh Groban and Reba McEntire, among many others. In 2010, he joined some of music’s big-gest names – including Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, etc.., as the youngest of the all-star lineup that recorded We Are The World 25 For Haiti.

His highly successful nationally televised TV show, The Power of Music, has been the number one concert pledge show on Public Television for 2014/2015 pledge drives, and is still running nationwide continuously, winning multiple awards. Ethan recently graced Esquire magazine's 80th anniversary cover, was featured in Gap's global celebrity ad campaign, and continues to share the stage with music legends.

Ethan has also been featured on countless national television shows, including multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America and Oprah, where he was named one of Oprah’s All Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids.

Ethan completed shooting a full-length feature film called Anything Is Possible which was released in September 2013 to rave reviews. He starred in the film, co-wrote all of the songs in the film and scored all the background music.

Billy Joel's Musical Director, Dave Rosenthal, renowned globally for his work with Billy for over twenty years is also Ethan's Musical Director.

Ethan has performed at venues around the globe, charity functions, performing arts centers, large arenas with over 70,000 people and for Ethan, the most fulfilling aspect of success is bringing people joy. “When I perform at someone’s home or in a huge arena, I just love every moment of it! When I see the audience enjoying the music, having fun, smiling and dancing, there’s just nothing better that that!” he says.

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About Ethan

Family/Hobbies Ethan’s parents are Gene and Hannah. His brother, Nathan is his best friend! Ethan loves to spend time with his grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt’s house. When not performing, Ethan loves to draw, read, play sports, watch sports, play video games, swim and go to school! Ethan loves to eat a good meal and enjoys eating at local places when he travels around the world. His parents do not play any musical instruments and neither do his grandparents. Ethan’s Birthday is December 24, 2000 and he was born in Florida .


  • As of 2015, has raised over $50,000,000 for Non-profits around the world.
  • As of 2010, OPRAH stated, “..He has helped raise over $30,000,000 for charities..” and non-profit organizations.

PBS Television Concert Specials

  • 2014 - The Power of Music - Created, Hosted an award-winning, nationally-televised Con- cert Special, which aired over 4,000 times on Public Television and was the #1 Public Television Concert pledge show during the 2014/2015 pledge season, and is continuing to air nationally, in heavy rotation.
  • 2010 - Youngest musician to create and host his own award-winning, nationally-televised concert special on PBS, which aired over 600 times on PBS Stations nationwide. With bonus features, including exclusive interviews with Quincy Jones at his home and studio.

New Public Television TV Show - ETHAN PRESENTS In 2015, Ethan rolled out a new Public Television Concerts, under the name “ETHAN PRESENTS”. . Each concert, will have a themed event (i.e. Holidays, International Music, Music Genres’).

International Concerts Japan (3 tours), South Africa (2 Tours), Brazil, Australia and Canada.

Musical Director - Dave Rosenthal (Billy Joel’s Musical Director) Billy Joel's Musical Director, Dave Rosenthal, renowned globally for his work including more than twenty years working with Mr. Joel, acts as Ethan's Musical Director.

Legacy of Bob Hope Award - USO Ethan was honoured on March 31st at a GALA in D.C. with the Legacy of Bob Hope award - Entitled "The Next Generation of Hope" - Presented by the USO and Miss America.

Youngest Voting Member of the GRAMMY’S Currently, Ethan is the youngest voting member of the Recording Academy. (Grammy’s)

National Television Appearances Tonight Show (4 X), Good Morning America (2 X), Oprah (2X), Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and all major U.S. Networks.

Guinness World Record Holder Ethan is certified by Guinness to be the youngest solo headline entertainer to have his own tour, beating out other records set by Michael Jackson and such

Youngest Composer and Actor to Star in a Feature Film and Compose music and score. Ethan starred in a feature film for which he co-wrote 10 songs, scored the film and played the main character, in the film. (Anything is Possible)

We are the World - For Haiti. Ethan joined some of music’s biggest names – including Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Tony Bennett as the youngest of the all-star line-up that recorded We Are The World 25 For Haiti.

Las Vegas Ethan made history, as the youngest solo headliner in Las-Vegas and to rave reviews. His concert was voted by audiences as their most favourite show they had ever experienced in Vegas.

Esquire’s 80th Anniversary Edition Ethan has recently graced the cover of esquire magazine's 80th anniversary issue, along with presidents and other American legends, as one of the most influential people, of the last 80 years.

GAP Global Celebrity Campaign. Ethan was recently part of GAP's global celebrity campaign as one of a few stars (Tony Bennett, Cindy Lauper, etc.), which was seen on billboards, commercials, GAP stores, and magazines around the world.

Generations of Music - NEW PBS Television Concert

Power of Music 2013 PBS TV SPECIAL